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Governmental Remittance Control


While cash collection outsourcing may have gained ground among government entities during the economic downturn, it's still not for everyone.  There are still situations where a face to face exchange is either required or prudent. Our software gives the agency complete control over the financial transactions that allow it to serve the citizens in its domain.
Our Governmental Remittance Control software is a comprehensive cashiering solution for government agencies that record and receipt documents, or any financial transaction type coming in to the agency's office. For example, our software is accepting health and human services payments, utility billing payments, courts payments, permits and licenses payments and the list goes on.
This Governmental Remittance Control solution is ideal for county clerk offices, motor vehicle mail in, and basically wherever money changes hands in a governmental environment. We can accept bonds, warrants, vouchers as well as the traditional cash, check, debit and credit card payments.
The system is user-friendly and expandable. Governmental Remittance Control is usually installed on cashiering workstations featuring an integrated cash drawer, receipt printer, check endorser, and other cashiering peripherals. We even have a module that allows the checks MICR line to be read and presented to the agencies bank in POP form. We also provide check imaging at the counter allowing the check images to be stored and later retrieved.
Governmental Remittance Control is configured to run on an ordinary PC with separate peripherals in a variety of flexible configurations. Governmental Remittance Control automates the cashiering and intake workflow, and automatically generates logos and barcodes on the customers receipts.
The system can process a variety of fee types and accounts for payments from a series of sources. Governmental Remittance Control is easily integrated into the workflow of an office, and can share transaction details with other applications and systems. All information entered into the system can be made immediately available to other staff, departments, or accounting and information systems.


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